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Soap & Skin - Sugarbread - 7"
Soap & Skin - Sugarbread
Soap & Skin

7" (vinyl)

Play It Again Sam PIASR348S
File under
dark / pop.

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This new little record by Soap And Skin seems to confirm that this (rightfully) highly regarded musician is moving from the very intimate, piano-based songs of her debut to darker, heavier and somewhat more electronic material, as seen with her second full-length. The tracks are raw, piercing and charming at the same time, as expected from her, but the use of samples and a much grittier sound enrich this coming-of-age of sort. "Sugarbread", all short as it might be, is an accurate new piece in Soap & Skin's discography, and makes me even more curious as to what might come next.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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