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Solar Skeletons - Necroethyl - 12"
Solar Skeletons - Necroethyl
Solar Skeletons

12" (vinyl)

Bruits De Fond (Résistance Des Matériaux) BdF 15
File under
downtempo / dark / jazz / spoken words.

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While the two french producers Ripit and Tzii might be better known for their fast and hard breakcore and hardcore productions, their common project under the Solar Skeletons moniker is of a totally different kind. A weird mixture of distorted jazz instrumentations, tongue-in-cheek semi spoken vocals and weirdo cabaret-from-beyond-the-grave atmospheres, "Necroethyl" is obviously more something to listen to at home (preferably late and not sober) than to play in the club. Interesting and fun.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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