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Somatic Responses - Concrete Glider - CD
Somatic Responses - Concrete Glider
Somatic Responses


Hymen (Ant Zen) Y796
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breakcore / rhythmic noise / electro-clash / IDM.

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While Somatic Responses's 12th album (if my count is right) kicks off in a surprisingly soft and melodic IDM manners, it rapidly integrates more beats, to the satisfaction of most Somatic Responses fans out there. The breaks are fewer and further between than usual though and "Concrete Glider" feels like the most hardcore-oriented Somatic Responses work in a long time. A return to basics of sorts, this combination of straight kicks and the typical SR style works as well as it ever did, and is a tasty new CD from the Healy brothers.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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v/a - Azure 12"
It's so nice to listen 2 your sond ans music!