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Somatic Responses - Dying Language - digital
Somatic Responses - Dying Language
Somatic Responses

digital (digital download)

Ad Noiseam adn13d
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industrial / breakcore / rhythmic noise.

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Layers of sounds that can't be described but as "Somatics-ian", synthetic waves that just wouldn't work with anybody else, and a beat forged in their very own laboratories, the sound of Somatic Responses on "Dying Language" is obviously the one of a mature band, of careful jewelers of electronic music, that combines their own brand of sonic heaviness and a strong flow with insolent talent. Who else could craft such an album of metronomic regularity, solid consistency with so much innovation? Here come Somatic Responses again, steady as always, melodic as never before, and heavy as you like them.
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the other members of the group jam over the beat with various instruments such as digerdoos, flutes, tribal drums etc.