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Spyweirdos & Floros Floridis - The Sound Between Us - CD
Spyweirdos & Floros Floridis - The Sound Between Us


Creative Space (Abstractions) cs#021
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electronica / downtempo / experimental / jazz.

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Follow-up of sort to 2008's Ad Noiseam released "Epistrophy At Utopia". Spyweirdos and Floros Floridis pair again on this "The Sound Between Us" for a new collaboration between the first's subtle and sharp electronics and the second's free jazz experimentations, and come up with something more low-key and meditative than the overall more groove-laden "Epistrophy". Clear but meditative, warm but somewhat melancholic, here's another (non needed but welcome) proof that Spyweirdos is a name to count on for interesting meetings between challenging electronica and new forms of accoustic music. Recommended.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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