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Squaremeter - Heliogabal - CD
Squaremeter - Heliogabal


Ant Zen (Hymen, Bazooka Joe) act248
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ambient / dark.

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Something must have happened for a new Squaremeter album to come out almost exactly at the same time as the new Panacea one. Same darkish artwork, same timing: something's stirring for Mathis Mootz. As far as "Heliogabal" is concerned, it is an interesting album for several reasons. First, its sound, though again particularely influenced by Lustmord (and, thank God, this time totally devoid of the repetitive movie samples or trance arpegiators that ruined a big chunk of Squaremeter's discography) is particularely concise and modest, something which can also be said of Panacea's come-back album. Then, for the first time, a Squaremeter album almost seems a collection of tracks not necessarily made to be listened to in one sitting. A weird, somewhat incoherent collection, but a tight work with some good, deep atmospheres.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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