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Starkey - Ear Drums And Black Holes - 3x12"
Starkey - Ear Drums And Black Holes

3x12" (vinyl)

Planet Mu ZIQ259
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hip-hop / electro / dubstep & grime.

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The second album by Starkey comes at a point where the excitement about this guy's break to recognition hasn't quite died off and the warm, wonky take at dubstep he's been spearheading is beating its way to dancefloor worldwide. Where Starkey could have more or less copied and pasted his past tracks, he comes up here with an album in which he managed to perfect his infectious and very efficient hip-hop influenced wonkey sound. With tracks ranging from pretty to hard and rusty, this might then not completely work as an album in the tightest meaning of the word, but still impresses by the production quality and stength of the new ideas thrown into the mix. An important statement for this current sound, and in this sense something very necessary to checkcheck out at the moment.
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The vinyl contains the same tracks as the CD, minus two that were on the "OK Luv" 12".
mp3 excerpts:

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