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Stazma - Chaos Propaganda - 12"
Stazma - Chaos Propaganda

12" (vinyl)
/ 5

Peace Off (Ruff) POFFLTD25
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It's a bit hard to believe considering how active this French musician has been since his debuts three or four years ago that this "Chaos Propaganda" is his first solo 12". It is, though, but contains no less than 5 tracks and, in my opinion, present adequately an act that has become a centerpiece of the current Peace Off roster. Three of these tracks are solo originals, which perfectly blend the kind of broken hardcore that Rotator has been playing out for some time and the more subtle but no less angry sounds of early Cardopusher or Krumble. Add to two "metal-core" (if this is a thing) tunes, with Le Crabe (including shouted vocals, mind you) and Skull Vomit, and you get something which fits perfectly well on this label and should fuel the fire of many breakcore parties.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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