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Stazma - A Giant Skull Made Of Guns - 12"
Stazma - A Giant Skull Made Of Guns

12" (vinyl)

Bankizz Records BKZZVNL001
File under
breakcore / IDM / acid.

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Stazma goes gangsta Damien Hirst on us with his new 5 track EP, on which he also has the good idea of not following the current evolution of breakcore and leaving the hardcore beats behind to focus on a much more IDM-ish vibe. There's a lot more Warp, Rephlex or Weme in this giant skull than of Prspct or Peace Off, and even the closing Enduser remix keeps things definitely old school and broken. Sharp, acid at times, original and interesting: Stazma keeps on progressing and developing his own brand of breakcore. Let's see if he slices up a great white next time around.

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