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Subeena - Solidify - 12"
Subeena - Solidify

12" (vinyl)

Planet Mu ZIQ252
File under
hip-hop / dubstep & grime / pop.

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I'm going to take a wild guess here and assume that the kind of mainstream r'n'b being thrown on the A side of this 12" (or on some other so called post-dubstep 12" on Hyperdub lately) is not only a blatant attempt at getting more licensing deals. With the benefit of the doubt, the MTV-compatible rhymes by Om'Mas Keith (remember the Harmonic313 12" on Hyperdub? Same guy) might bring some flavor to Subeena's pretty melodic and low-key downtempo electronica, but I still wonder in which situation this might really get played out. Either I am missing something, or this is best not taken totally seriously.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
when you riceive my money please send it (i need its for work)