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Subheim - No Land Called Home - 12"+CD
Subheim - No Land Called Home

12"+CD (CD / vinyl) (also available on digital, CD, t-shirt)

Ad Noiseam adn133lp
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ambient / electronica / downtempo / jazz.

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Subheim's second album is a theatre of transformations and relocations: acoustic and organic sound have taken to the front of the stage, providing this act's introspective and grandiose songs with a more humane touch. Combined with delicate vocals and emotional strings, the deep melodies and remaining electronic elements from a mesmerizing album. This land which is not to be called home is an opulent, darkly fascinating one, mapped here into a collection of remarkable and rewarding songs.
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The LP contains 8 tracks from the 11 of the CD. However, a complete version of the CD is also included in the LP sleeve, so that LP buyers actually get all the tracks of this album.
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