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Submerged - Stars Light The End - CD
Submerged - Stars Light The End


Sublight SLR3701
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breakcore / drum'n'bass & jungle.

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The long awaited first full length by Submerged finally sees the light of the day. For his debut on this format, the man behind the Ohm Resistance label, already guilty as charged for many infectious, dirty drum'n'bass tunes and telluric, Scorn-esque basses presents an album which somewhat almost serves as a follow-up to the debut of his Method Of Defiance's side-project. One finds here the same very club-oriented rusty, gritty d'n'b mixed with a fasty jazzy trumpet, Bill Laswell's bass on two tracks, and an accute sense for building heavy and still aggressively fast tracks. Original, well done, and finally available.

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