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Swarm Intelligence - Black Iron Prison - digital
Swarm Intelligence - Black Iron Prison
Swarm Intelligence

digital (digital download)
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Acre Recordings ACREDLP1
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industrial / noise / downtempo / experimental.

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After a series of shorter releases on such labels as Acroplane, Invisible Agent or his own Stasis comes the first full length album by Swarm Intelligence, a frequent collaborator of Ad Noiseam's Monolog (the two having a project together called Diasiva) and somebody who, while quite active in Berlin, seems to have stayed a well kept secret so far. "Black Iron Prison" encompasses very well the dirty, scraping but driven sound which seems to be burgeoning at the moment. Think of Dead Fader, Cloaks, Emptyset and the likes: Swarm Intelligence delivers dark, heavy, very intense tracks somewhere between claustrophobic atmospheres and contained industrial techno. Subtle but massive, and extremely recommended.
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