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Switch Technique - Blow / Hard Inside - digital
Switch Technique - Blow / Hard Inside
Switch Technique

digital (digital download)
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drum'n'bass & jungle / hardcore.

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Harder, straighter and less dark: this new EP by Switch Technique differs quite strongly from his recent "Belladonna" full-length and might fit a bit better on PRSPCT along the way. The opening "Blow" is almost not a crossbreed tune anymore and an all-out hardcore one. The following "Hard Inside" is a more of a surprise and innovation, as Switch Technique then integrates to his sounds snippets of what Machine Code, Current Value and The Sect are currently and has been called "neuroid", though he of course delivers it in a more percussive, louder and more aggressive way. All in all, a very well produced two-tracker (of course), clear and sharp, but also something which seems to be more straightforward and dancefloor-taylored than some of his other recent efforts.
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