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Switch Technique - D.i.d. / Exo - digital
Switch Technique - D.i.d. / Exo
Switch Technique

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Genosha One Seven Five GEN175-005
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drum'n'bass & jungle / hardcore.

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It's nothing really new that Switch Technique sounds like somebody who has listened to a lot of Outside Agency. After his collaboration with TOA on a previous Genosha record, he gets here the first outside artist to have a solo 12" on Genosha's One Seven Five series. The A side is a start / stop combination of hardcore and acid, efficient and, though less percussive than his idols, quite well done. The B side is straighter, maybe a bit less original but very deserving. That's either a good switch, a good technique, or both.
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when you riceive my money please send it (i need its for work)