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Talos - Reactor (enhanced version) - CDR + 3" CDR + 7" + print
Talos - Reactor (enhanced version)

CDR + 3" CDR + 7" + print (CD / vinyl / books)

Talos -
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electronica / avant garde / glitch.

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Following the "Infinite" project, Greece's Talos comes with another collector piece, heavy and insanely packaged. On the menu tonight: two CDRs (a normal, 5" sized one and a 3" one), a 7" record, two books of undecipherable graphics and three prints, the whole thing packaged in a heavy cardboard box: quite something to feel and marvel at. As far as the music goes, my feeling is the same as with this artist's previous project: one expects here some extremely academic, borderline Raster-Noton works, but rather gets soft, well flowing and rather melodic electronica with an experimental edge, proving to be a lot more accessible in the end than one was afraid. Musically convincing, and commanding in its presentation.
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