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Tapage - Eight - poster + download
Tapage - Eight

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Ad Noiseam adn180p
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ambient / electronica / downtempo / IDM / glitch.

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Tapage presents with "Eight“ the second part of his conceptual series in which he submits his art to a set of rules related to time and tempo. A lot more than an clinical exercise, this album is also the one in which Tapage unfolds his musical expertise to include acoustic strings, field recordings and prominent vocals. Mesmerizing, subtle, multi-layered and warm, „Eight“ is an essential work by and for an artist who demonstrates here again his ability to evolve and the scope of his talent.

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Ad Noiseam, label ultra-prolifique du grenoblo-berlinois Nicolas Chevreux, véritable Eddie Barclay de l'underground et Quicy Jones de l'indus...