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Tapage & Meander - Etched In Salt - CD
Tapage & Meander - Etched In Salt

CD (CD) (also available on digital)

Tympanik Audio TA050
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electronica / IDM.

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One could write a lot about this album and how the new collaboration between Meander (a.k.a. Ophidian) and Tapage sounds very different from both their first (the "Hydromedusa" 12") and their respective solo material. Miles away from Ophidian's gabber tracks, but also from Meander's previous breakcore EP for Low Res, "Etched In Salt" is also a lot more synthetic and lush than Tapage's first two albums. An exercise in contained electronica, with just the right amount of breaks, "Etched In Salt" is a strongly produced album from two beasty producers, in which the listener definitely hears the stylistic restrictions, resulting in a good, home-listening whole.
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