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Tapage & Meander - Hydromedusa EP - 12"
Tapage & Meander - Hydromedusa EP
Tapage / Meander

12" (vinyl)

Meta0 Meta0-001
File under
breakcore / IDM.

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While most people might have been acquainted to Tapage and Ophidian's Meander project a bit later through other releases, the two were already shredding beats back in 2006 on this collaboration, which is now back in stock. This translucid marble blue EP features 7 tracks of hard, dry beats, very broken rhythms and something at the border between IDM (for the heavy use of brainy structures), breakcore (for the hard, shattered effects) and industrial (for the roughness of most sounds). Quite dark at times, more abstract at others: very nice collaboration between two acts who have been rising ever since.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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