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Tasjiil Moujahed - مسافر - CD
Tasjiil Moujahed - مسافر
Tasjiil Moujahed


Syrphe (Textolux) S016
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electronica / experimental / electro.

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A new collaborative project between C-Drik and Munma's Jawad Nawfal, Tasjiil Moujahed is a very surprising beast. Rather than venturing towards noisy experimentations and middle-eastern sampling, as one would expect from these two artists, "The Traveller" is often quite a retro affair, with gritty electro beats laid square under semi new-wave vocals. The flow is from times to times broken by some (in my opinion more successful) dub techno pieces, which add to the somewhat dreamy, somewhat dark atmosphere of the whole. Interesting, and definitely not what I expected.
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