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Terror Danjah - Power Grid - CD
Terror Danjah - Power Grid
Terror Danjah


Planet Mu ZIQ278CD
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dubstep & grime / techno.

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While he's been releasing tracks for some years now, UK's Terror Danjah has only recently gained a lot of exposure through a series of records on Planet Mu and Hyperdub. Coming right on time to ride this wave, this 8 track album sees the man comes with a new salvo of his heavy-handed, mid-tempo garage. The whole thing has a distinct rave appeal (without going for fast tempo or funny samples), is well crafted, and takes from the ominous dubstep sound a fair amount of bass. This project's name might still sound a bit silly, but here's clearly something to check for everybody who has been into what Planet Mu has been releasing for a couple of years.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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