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Tetra Plok - Fear Of A Blind Date - 10"
Tetra Plok - Fear Of A Blind Date
Tetra Plok

10" (vinyl)

Textolux (Syrphe) Textolux 002
File under
electro-clash / electro.

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Yes, Tetra Plok is back. With this new record, C-Drik's electro / clash project finally offers a follow up to the 2003's "Future Marker" 7". Staying in the same musical direction, or, better said, as far as humanly possible from this musician's usual very noisy or droney sound sculptures, "Fear Of A Blind Date" is a new pearl of seducing, charmingly retro, poppy and robotic electro-clash, which should make quite some booty move with joy on the dancefloor. Easy on the ear and on the feet.

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