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The Bug - Angels & Devils - 2x12"
The Bug - Angels & Devils
The Bug

2x12" (vinyl)
/ 12

Ninja Tune ZEN211
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dancehall / dubstep & grime.

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From the first listen, "Angels & Devils" shows itself as an ambitious and important release for The Bug. If "London Zoo" was a logical sequel to "Pressure", in which the dancehall-meet-heavy-electronics were getting a more accessible treatment, it takes half an album to The Bug's fourth full length to thread these waters, dedicating its first tracks to much calmer (some will say King Midas-esque) songs featuring the like of Gonga Sufi, Badgerlore's Liz Harris or Hype Willians' Inga Copeland and riffs by Godflesh's Justin Broadrick (something less surprising). Coherent and growing on its listener, "Angels & Devils" might close a very loud, very angry chapter from The Bug, even if the collaboration with Death Grips and regulars Warrior Wueen and Flowdan provide something for the earlier fans. A fitting fourth album which doesn't just repeat its predecessor but opens new door, it proves a lot more satisfying than (at least I) expected, more personal and wider in its scope.
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