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The Eerier Child - Heavenly Creatures EP - digital
The Eerier Child - Heavenly Creatures EP
The Eerier Child

digital (digital download) (also available on 12")

Black Sunday Recordings BSR0002
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downtempo / dubstep & grime / (post) rock.

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Following the "Rabid Dogs" EP, which was part of the "Nightmare concert" package, The Eerier Child comes back with a new self-released record, containing this time, besides a short intro and outro, a new revamped version of his excellent "Into The Sun" track (from the "A Blade In The Dark" EP) and two more tunes mixing a delicate dubstep beat, prominent melodies and a lot of acoustic sounds. Not necessarily light, but always somber and soulful, here's another remarkable release from this Dutch musician. Recommended.
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