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The Eerier Child - Rabid Dogs - digital
The Eerier Child - Rabid Dogs
The Eerier Child

digital (digital download)

Black Sunday Recordings BSR01
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drum'n'bass & jungle / dubstep & grime.

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Digital version of the "Rabid Dogs" 12", which is to be found on vinyl only as part of the CD+12"+poster "Nightmare Concert" package. The three tracks from this EP are not to be found on the album itself, and are considerably beatier and more dancefloor-oriented. A bit less majestic than "A Blade In The Dark", they however introduce a few d'n'b elements and speed up the tempo a bit more. Still, we're speaking of deeply pulsating dubstep here, with a clear sound and an original touch. The Eerier Child is definitely somebody to watch.
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