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The Others / LD - Quantum Leap / Oh Yeah - 12"
The Others / LD - Quantum Leap / Oh Yeah
The Others / L.D.

12" (vinyl)

Dub Police (Dub Thiefs) DP041
File under
dubstep & grime.

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After quite a hard record by Caspa and Emalkay, Dub Police brings balance to the force with this much softer split between The Others and Hyperdub's L.D. The first come up here with a track which, though still containing some of this project's weight, is among the most gently flowing I have heard from them. On the flip, LD goes a little bit housy on the sides, includes some pretty generic vocal samples, coming up with a very dub-oriented tune which will appeal to the joint-smoking, dread-wearing people among you. Nice, but not necessarily exremely original.
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