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The Others / Subscape - Robo Funk / Chomp Stomp - 12"
The Others / Subscape - Robo Funk / Chomp Stomp
Sub Scape / The Others

12" (vinyl)

Dub Thiefs (Dub Police) DUBTHIEF002
File under
dubstep & grime.

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Very nice second release on the "Thiefs" Dub Police sublabel, which pairs two of my favorite acts from this label. Subscape delivers a quite raw, massive and efficient classic piece of dubstep, which doesn't overdo the clichés and proves very catchy. The Others are also on a good day, with a pretty melodic and equally heavy track. Wobbly, slightly broken and fun dubstep of the finest kind: this sounds wouldn't be frowned upon so often at the moment if the quality was always that high.
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