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The Outside Agency - Crossbreed Definition Series Part 1 - digital
The Outside Agency - Crossbreed Definition Series Part 1
The Outside Agency / Cooh / SPL

digital (digital download)

Genosha One Seven Five (Genosha Recordings) GEN175-002
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drum'n'bass & jungle / hardcore.

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I'm going to have stop reviewing records by The Outside Agency, or just go and copy-paste a list of superlatives. DJ Hidden and Eye-D are outdoing themselves record after record, and this second 12" for their Genosha 175 sublabel is no exception. This time around, they collaborate with SPL and Cooh for one track each, and deliver on this black and grey marmored record two new cristal-clear hardcore tracks of their very typical and tasty kind. Think of a high-definition, ultra-sharp picture of exploding glass: this record is the audio equivalant, with some extra twist and humor thrown into the mix. I can only conclude with the same adjective as always when writing about TOA: mandatory.
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