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The Outside Agency / DJ Hidden - Primitive / Scintillate - digital
The Outside Agency / DJ Hidden - Primitive / Scintillate
DJ Hidden / The Outside Agency

digital (digital download)

Sustained Records SSTD 005
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drum'n'bass & jungle / hardcore.

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Damn it, what a record. Let's hear the fanboy in me: the A side is a pounding, but still melodic and varied great piece by The Outside Agency, somewhere between their most syncopated material for Genosha One Seven Five and their regular hardcore ouput: pounding, very detailled, dark but still humane. The flip is a solo tune by DJ Hidden (who, again, for those who haven't been listening, is one half of TOA), with a track that could have fit on "The Words Below", with a slightly more futuristic feeling. Excellent from the first till the last second, and extremely recommended.
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