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The Outside Agency - Now This Is Crossbreed Vol. 10 - digital
The Outside Agency - Now This Is Crossbreed Vol. 10
The Outside Agency

digital (digital download)
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Genosha One Seven Five GEN175010
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drum'n'bass & jungle / hardcore.

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As the same time as they can't really take themselves and their fans very seriously (hence the tongue-in-cheek title, samples and insider joke), DJ Hidden and Eye-D keep on perfecting their art and intend at not only reminding you that they invented crossbreed but also that they can push this style as far as they want to. If this genre, as written by many other acts, has become arguably stale and repetitive, these two push its boundary forward and sideway, ending up with tunes which might send clubbers bouncing up the walls but also impress people who take a minute and actually listen (the opening "Hours & Dreams" is for example probably more a breakcore track than most of what is called "breakcore" today). Pleasing hardcore fans and still innovating is a dangerous balancing act, but The Outside Agency pass this test with success again. Did we dare ever doubt?
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