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The Outside Agency & Ophidian - The Disputed Kings Of Industrial - 12"
The Outside Agency & Ophidian - The Disputed Kings Of Industrial
The Outside Agency / Ophidian

12" (vinyl)

Genosha Recordings (Genosha One Seven Five) GEN020
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Genosha's 20th release was supposed to be an ambitious one, and it turns out to be exactly that. A four track (already a rare thing in this scene) collaboration between The Outside Agency and Ophidian (also known around here as Meander), this marbled record present an extremely detailled and quite uncommon take on hardcore. The beat's hard and pounding, of course, but the tempo is sometimes broken, the sound are at time subdued, and while we're not speaking of "crossbreed" here, this is miles away from regular, middle of the road, anything goes hardcore. Extremely tasty, very recommended, but probably the hardcore record I know of which requires the most active listening.
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