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The Outside Agency - The Solution / Wait Your Turn - digital
The Outside Agency - The Solution / Wait Your Turn
The Outside Agency

digital (digital download)

Killing Sheep KSHEEP011
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I guess I am in an abusive relationship with The Outside Agency, getting a beating with each new record the duo brings up, but still asking for more every single time. This new two tracker on Australia's Killing Sheep is no exception, and is not going to make me any less of a fan. "The Solution" on the A side is a surefire classic TOA piece of perfectly crunchy and tasty hardcore. On the B side, "Wait Your Turn" starts in a very surprisingly, almost dubstep way before unleashing faster beats, and is a sort of experiment having turned in a perfect way (I hope to hear more of this in the future). As usual, this is all extremely recommended.
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It makes it to the label sampler enjoyment.