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The Panacea / Ruin & Gancher / Dub Elements & eRRe - We Will Burn / Pop im - digital
The Panacea / Ruin & Gancher / Dub Elements & eRRe - We Will Burn / Pop im
Panacea / Gancher / Ruin / Dub Elements / Erre

digital (digital download)

Prspct PRSPCT016
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rave / hardcore.

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There are quite a few people on this two tracker. The A side was co-written by Panacea and Gancher & Ruin, turning out to be a multi-headed darkish monster somewhere between drum'n'bass aesthetics, hardcore beats and rave sounds. Very energetic, efficient, and definitely unlike most of what comes out from this neck of the woods. The B-side, a Panacea remix of a track originall by Dub Elements and Erre, is a lot more on the rave side and while it doesn't completely go back to Panacea's happier hardcore days, it's clearly more of a glow sticks track than the other side. Interesting and well done, potentially showing a new direction for Panacea.
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