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The Sect - Indoctrination / Advanced Science - digital
The Sect - Indoctrination / Advanced Science
The Sect

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The Sect Music TSM001
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drum'n'bass & jungle.

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The Sect kick start their own label with a powerful green-sleeved two-track 12" which serves as a solid foundation for a new imprint and insists on all the good things that one could thing of this act: hard, very clear and powerful drum'n'bass which somewhat doesn't go all the way of the über-heavy, über-sci-fi sound often heard in this scene at the moment (think Current Value), but still infuses his d'n'b with enough energy to stand out from the rest of this genre. In the end, it's quite accessible (if you come from the harder side of this sound) but still heavier than most, and very cleverly done. Recommended.
File Format:
v/a - Azure 12"
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