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The Teknoist & Johnty Warrior - The Ninjas Dutiful Salute To Deathchant - digital
The Teknoist & Johnty Warrior - The Ninjas Dutiful Salute To Deathchant
The Teknoist / Johnty Warrior

digital (digital download)
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Ninja Columbo (Zomb3) Nii008
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breakcore / hardcore.

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Hard, enthusiastic and very fitting new record on The Teknoist's Ninja Columbo. I am not sure who Johnty Warrior is, but these two musicians seem to have sat down with the specific intent of paying homage to Deatchant in general and possibly Hellfish in particular. This means that the tracks are less metal and breakcore oriented as most Teknoist tunes and have more of this old school hardcore vibe, more hip-hop samples and a dirtier sound than usual. It's The Teknoist, though, so there are a lot of breaks and detailed subtleties thrown into the mix. Recommended.
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and previously have some releases in genre of drum'n'bass on different labels (last thing that I make)