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The Teknoist - Statement Of Intentional Bitterness / Cephalopod Carnage - digital
The Teknoist - Statement Of Intentional Bitterness / Cephalopod Carnage
The Teknoist

digital (digital download)
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Ninja Columbo (Zomb3) NI007
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breakcore / hardcore.

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The Teknoist's own Ninja Columbo imprint presents a new record (after some time dedicated to digital release) with this pounding new two tracker by the man in charge over there. "Statement Of Intentional Bitterness" is a heavy, straight and pumping hardcore tune which, after a surprising dub-sounding beginning, will make everybody jump and throw their fists in the air. On the flipside, "Cephalopod Carnage" isn't exactly a lullaby, but still adds some melodies and harmonies to the, yes, carnage. Maybe not as broken as some other Teknoist releases, but very well done, of course, and full of his distinguishable touch.
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