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Thed Drugg - Eclipse / Fuckers - 12"
Thed Drugg - Eclipse / Fuckers
Thed Drugg

12" (vinyl)
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Kaometry Records KMT02
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dubstep & grime.

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Very heavy handed, rugged and dirty dubstep for this (presumably) début EP by Thed Drugg. The two original piece are very heavy on the bass, full of low-flying, chainsaw-like bro-step bass but avoid the cliché samples and kitschy melody of this genre. Llamatron and Broadrush are on remix duty, with two equally gritty new versions, the former coming up with a slightly more broken, edited and interested tune. All in all a dark and massive record which fits well with the rest of the discography from its two remixers, and which should also appeal to fans of Niveau Zero's heaviest material.
mp3 excerpts:

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