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Theologian - The Chasms Of My Heart - CD
Theologian - The Chasms Of My Heart

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Crucial Blast CBR98
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industrial / noise / dark.

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May it be as Navicon Torture Technologies, Xenonicks K-30 or now Theologian, New York's Leech has now become one of the longest running, most prolific power-electronics producers out there. It has taken a lot of steps but unlike most similar musicians, he has also greatly increased the quality, production and subtlety of his output over the year, resulting in such strong albums as this new "The Chasms Of My Heart". Yes, this is still ultra-distorted, very dark (though sounding less misanthropic to my ears) and oppressive, but this album is also not only more touching than most of its predecessors, but also more balanced, much better recorded, and deeper-sounding. Very recommended, and not only to people wearing black hoodies.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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