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This Sloth Is Giant / Greenleaf - Half A Sandwich / Heady - digital
This Sloth Is Giant / Greenleaf - Half A Sandwich / Heady
This Sloth is Giant / Greenleaf

digital (digital download)

Flatwoods Creative FW004
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drum'n'bass & jungle.

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While Flatwoods's fourth release is again a split between two acts (about whom I do not know anything), both tracks are quite close and form a very coherent little EP. We're in d'n'b territory, of course, but the tracks are less jungle than expected, and have a strong old-school, semi accoustic feeling, full of the long pads and samples that could be heard in Bill Laswell's or other Worksound's release at the end of the 90's. Quite accessible but heavy, full of smoke but aerial, both (digital) sides bring back a sound which has become quite rare.
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