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Thomas Christoph Heyde - High Culture Motherfucker - 12"+CD
Thomas Christoph Heyde - High Culture Motherfucker
Thomas Christoph Heyde

12"+CD (CD / vinyl) (also available on CD)

Phantonmnoise PHANTOMNOISE 014
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ambient / avant garde / field recordings.

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It might originate from a breakcore label (Phantomnoise), but this debut album by Thomas Christoph Heyde couldn't be any further from delirious avalanches of broken beats. A very subdued, interesting and original work with accoustic instruments, found sounds and little noise, this album is "atmospheric" in the truest sense of the word: not always calm, but building strong ambiences. Pleasant, fresh, definitely quite "high culture", a nice find from Phantomnoise
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The CD version of this album comes in a special packaging made of thick cardboard. The CD itself, however, is also included (in a much lighter packaging) in the vinyl edition
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