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Timothee Mathelin - Transhumance - book
Timothee Mathelin - Transhumance
Timothee Mathelin

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Timothée Mathelin (a.k.a. Shift) has quickly made a name for himself in the last year with his graphic work for a myriad of underground acts (including a t-shirt design for Subheim and a record artwork for Gore Tech on Ad Noiseam), which mixes science-fiction landscapes, emotional portraits, futurism and technical prowess. "Transhumance" is a 116-page compendium of his work so far, focusing first on his design work, and later on his photographies. Impressive (all the more when you realize how quickly this was all done) and inspiring.

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Ad Noiseam, label ultra-prolifique du grenoblo-berlinois Nicolas Chevreux, véritable Eddie Barclay de l'underground et Quicy Jones de l'indus...