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Totakeke - Digital Exorcist - digital
Totakeke - Digital Exorcist

digital (digital download) (also available on CD)
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Tympanik Audio TA074
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industrial / breakcore / electronica.

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Totakeke returns with his first album since 2009 (either under this moniker or as Synth-Etik, actually) and does so with a rather complex and angry album. The softer, most electronica moments of his previous works have been pushed back to the background and replaced with heavier distortion and harder beats. Most of the tracks then follow a very industrial vibe, but I was surprised with the breakcore-esque beat-work of some of this album's tracks, which provide a welcome contrast with their straighter counterparts and bring some variation to this "exorcism". Heavy and gritty, and in my opinion one of the most solid Totakeke works so far.
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