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Totakeke - Elekatota - digital
Totakeke - Elekatota

digital (digital download) (also available on CD)

Tympanik Audio TA003
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industrial / electronica.

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After four years of silence, Totakeke (aka Synth-Etik's less noisy project) comes back with a second album (and the first full length CD on the young Tympanik Audio label). Stylistically, not so much has changed since his "At The Train Station" debut, and we get here a nice album of broken, metallic sounding (relatively hard hitting) electronica, but the tempo has gone up one notch. "Elekatota" is a strong display of "industrialized" electronica, and provides new beats for fans of this (now rare) genre. Not only for fans of Synth-Etik and Totakeke, this is an album that clearly deserves an ear.
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