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Totally Fuckedup - Shit Info - CD
Totally Fuckedup - Shit Info
Totally Fuckedup


Murder Channel MURCD-012
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breakcore / mash-up / rave.

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First album by Russia's Totally Fuckedup, which we had last heard delivering some dubstep on Ruff back in 2008, under the Totally Normal moniker. As one could expect from the bloody manga cover artwork, things are a lot faster, mashed up and exaggerated this time around. "Shit Info" is a big loud mess of broken rhythms, rave anthems, metal samples, pop melodies and gabber beats or, in other words, a pretty accurate snapshot of what I heard played in breakcore parties all over Eastern Europe. The production could arguably be a bit more focused but again, this whole album is not really a focused thing either, but a big fun mess of breakcore party tunes, with the occasional very nice track.
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