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Trilt - Theme From Trilt / Amiga - digital
Trilt - Theme From Trilt / Amiga

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Trilt Recordings TRILT01
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electro / 8 bit / dubstep & grime.

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So, here it is, the very first release by Trilt, the latest project by Noel Wessels, better known here as DJ Hidden, Semiomime and half of The Outside Agency. Born out of the conjunction of a taste for (at times old school) video games music and this extremely ill-named genre called "electro-house" (which basically means breakbeat-rhythmed, post-dubstep rave material), The first tune, "Theme From Tilt" is a dancefloor-packing number which could almost have been a TOA one, if it wasn't for a very different beat (think of them using some ideas from the whole Skrillex trend, and you'll get an idea). We later get a falsely low-fi chiptunes track sounding like an updated homage to the Amiga computer, in both a regular and extended version. There'd be a lot to write about this first Trilt release, but let's summarize and say that it's an exhilarating and interesting exercise in style, in which Noel Wessels went for very strict rules and came out of the challenge brillantly.
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