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Tugie - Speaker Rocker - 12"
Tugie - Speaker Rocker

12" (vinyl)

Deathchant deathchant 65
File under
breakcore / hardcore.

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Hard, pounding and well done 4 track EP by this already long-running but still relatively unknown British purveyor of broken hardcore that is Tugie. Don't look here for the clean, d'n'b-leaning sounds of the Dutch hardcore scene, as Tugie is faithful to the paths open by such compatriots as Producer, Dolphin or, above all, The Teknoist. Very hard, but also more broken than usual in this style and featuring a good dose of background melodies, the four tunes presented here could definitely be put on a shelve (or spun in a mix) next to Ad Noiseam's British madman. And this is a good thing.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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Ad Noiseam, label ultra-prolifique du grenoblo-berlinois Nicolas Chevreux, véritable Eddie Barclay de l'underground et Quicy Jones de l'indus...