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Tzolk`In - Haab - CD
Tzolk`In - Haab


Ant Zen (Hymen, Bazooka Joe) act210
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industrial / electronica.

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Second album for Tzolk'In, the concept act created by Flint Glass and Empusae and focusing on Mayan mythology. A relatively accurate addition of these two's own sounds, "Haab" is somewhat more percussive than its nameless predecessor, and considerably better produced. More accoustic and rhythm driven than Flint Glass, clear than Empusae, quite accessible but with neither the very dark undertones of Ah Cama-Sotz or the trance ones of This Morn Omina (two bands with whom Tzolk'In will be compared), a nice and driven album of industrial rhythm and deep melodies.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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