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Unterm Rad - The Rake's Progress - digital
Unterm Rad - The Rake's Progress
Unterm Rad

digital (digital download)

Tympanik Audio TA002
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industrial / IDM.

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Pretty cool release by Unterm Rad, a.k.a a side project of Rekt (who had appeared on Tympanik's "Emerging Organisms" compilation and Hecq's "0000" remix CD). Clicky, glitchy, mid-tempo and very dry, the tracks on "The Rake's Progress" are of a sort of monaural and gritty electronica. Not void of grooves, but sounding (intentionally) raw, this might sound a bit like a dirtier version of Hecq's material, or of some recent Hymen releases. Quite original and done with talent.
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