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Unuramenura - Underground Works 1999-2005 - CD
Unuramenura - Underground Works 1999-2005


Murder Channel MURCD-002
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breakcore / electronica.

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Though I don't know what he's up to these days, Unuramenura was part of the first wave of Japanese breakcore and IDM producers, alongside Com.A and before the 8 bit madness of Ove-Naxx and Scotch Egg kicked in. This 18-track retrospective offers quite a wide array of crazy tunes, the first sounding like a more aggressive take at early Warp or Planet Mu sounds, integrating distortion and hard breaks little by little and ending with something which reminds me a bit of Noize Creator. A very accurate way to finally pay homage to an act which has always stayed a lot too underrated.
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All of my music is currently being written by my father who expresses his talents in songs that he writes from the heart.