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Utopia Banished - Escape Strategies - CD
Utopia Banished - Escape Strategies
Utopia Banished


Aentitainment aent 011
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metal / electronica / (post) rock / pop.

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Years after their latest "Dirtwards" album, the German industrial rock combo Utopia Banished (led by the people responsible for the Aentitainment label) comes back with a five-track EP presenting the fruit of years of effort. While we're still dealing with electronic-infused, metal-leaning industrial rock in the vein of mid-era Nine Inch Nails, the production and composition have made important step forward, adding a lot in the efficiency and authenticity of the songs. Obviously, "Escape Strategies" sounds very different than most of what is presented on this site and as such constitutes a competent and very pleasant break. Well done.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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